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Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Tampa, FL

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Need a routine cleaning and buffing? Would you like to impress your guests with a glossy shine? Our hardwood cleaning professionals will assess your floors and take the time to explain our process. If you've never had your floors professionally cleaned, call us. Tampa Affordable Carpet Cleaning offers you professional hardwood floor cleaning, which will make your floor looking like new again.

At Tampa Affordable Carpet Cleaning, we do hardwood floors right. We only use the most effective and approved cleaning solutions to ensure that we are not just moving dirt around the floor, and you will see a noticeable difference when we're done cleaning. After we've cleaned the floor to its best possible condition, we polish the floor to ensure that it stays shiny and clean for as long as possible.

Our cleaning process includes:

  • Initial inspection
  • Measure surface area to be cleaned (if not provided initially)
  • Move necessary items before cleaning process begins.
  • Clean hardwood floors with neutral solution and a specialized hardwood floor cleaning pad.
  • Buff entire surface area for uniform shiny finish.
  • Final inspection

For professional Wood Floor Cleaning services call us at 813-910-2300.

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